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RFID Education & Training

RFID technologies can use any one or more of numerous public and private wave frequencies.  Each wave frequency has its own strenghts and weaknesses that need to be recongized and accounted for in the design and implementation of any RFID system.  Simply just because you heard that Low Frequency is the right frequency for tagging metal objects does not mean that it is the right frequency for your application.  SkyRFID offers numerous educational and training courses on RFID technology and how to design and deploy an RFID application.

RFID Education and Training
  • We can provide you and your company with focused education and training on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, LF, HF, UHF, Microwave, ISO, IEC, Gen 2, 18000 - 6C, 11784/85, 15693, 14443 A&B, and more depending on what your unique requirements are. If you are looking into the potential of EPCglobal standards and how they can assist your company then look no further - we can provide you the expertise on UHF global standards and how they are used in Near Field and Far Field applications to manage metal objects easily and work with water and even work in water!

  • While RFID technology follows the rules of Physics, there are so many variations, rules, flavors, standards and other issues; it's simply too much data for most people to learn and keep updated on.  What we can do for you is provide you the education that is required to meet your unique business needs rather than an entire course in RFID.  Contact Us today for a free assessment of your requirements.
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  • For those companies and individuals who want a complete in depth course in RFID so they can consult, design and successfully implement solutions, we have a special 5 day on site 10 person maximum intensive training program that is tailored to meet your individual corporate needs.   Please Contact Us for more details on this unique program


RFID Text Books
  •   For those people who just want to learn the basics of RFID please feel free to register for our no cost 6 lesson RFID basic course.

RFID Free Course Enrollment
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  Education and Training for Low Frequency, High Frequency, Ultra High Frequency, Super High Frequency, RFID Readers, RFID Tags, RFID Solutions

Let our experts assist you and your company with RFID Training and RFID Education


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