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RFID Library Management System

SkyRFID presents our new updated Multi-Lingual  Automated RFID Self Serve Library System - Sky Library Express

SkyRFID Library Express is a multi-lingual Automated Library System designed to facilitate the circulation and organization of small to large - sized collections of books, CD’s and DVD’s and other reading materials. 


All materials are equipped with an RFID label that provides monitoring and security for the materials available for borrowing.  The RFID tag is read each time an item is loaned out or returned to the library instead of patrons manually typing in or writing out book code numbers.


Sky Library Express SelfServiceMachineStart W.jpg

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Patron or member workstations employ touch screens for ease of legibility and simplicity of use.  ISO RFID cards are used to automatically identify authorized patrons and High Frequency 13.56 MHz RFID labels are utilized for the reading and viewing materials which eliminate all data entry errors.  To ensure that all books are checked out properly, the RFID label contains a special setting that must be changed by the RFID reader in order to remove the material from the library.  


Sky Library Express Self Checkout Station.jpg

When you already have workstations for patrons and library staff, then you only need to add our desktop ISO 15693 reader:


SkyRFID 1356 Multi ISO Reader                      SkyRFID 1356 Multi ISO Antenna 

Patrons or members simply place their ID card on the RFID reader and then login to a Self Serve Station to borrow materials, browse the library, review their history, return materials, reserve an item that is currently on loan, and other patron or member activities.

Sky Library Express SelfServiceMachineMain W3.jpg

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If the member does not have their ID card they can alternately enter their ID number using the numeric keypad displayed on the touch screen. 

Members borrow materials by placing them on the RFID reader pad which reads the tag ID allocates the materials to the member and then deactivates the EAS part of the RFID tag.

 To assist in accuracy all materials can have full colored images to show exactly what the material looks like that is being returned or loaned out.

  At the end of the session the patron is provided with a receipt for any items borrowed or returned.


If the materials are not correctly read and checked by the Self Serve Patron Stations then the alarm will sound when the patron tries to leave the library going through the RFID gate system.

Sky Library Express EAS Gates W5.jpg


Sky Library Express registers each borrowing transaction including the return due date for each item based on item and member rules. If the item is not returned before this due date, penalties can be applied to the member and can lead to member disablement if not paid based on the item rules set up by the library administrators.


To make returning materials easy for the members Sky Library Express can also have one or more automated book/material drop boxes conveniently located anywhere in the library.

Members simply slide their returned materials through the access door and the automated RFID reader will read the materials RFID tag and then update the library system and provide the member with a receipt from the internal receipt printer.  This automated drop box improves library returns and borrowing as the staff can determine exactly how many items are in the drop box and members can also see the materials that are available in the drop box from the self serve patron stations.

In addition the materials are stored in bin-locations (shelves, cabinets, rooms, etc…) that are defined by the library staff so finding materials is very easy.


Since libraries can have many rooms, cabinets, etc., the library is also divided into Zones that represent a physical area in the library (floor, hall, room, group of shelves)



Sky Library Express Layout W6.jpg

RFID 13.56 MHz. Library Tag.jpg RFID 13.56 MHz. Library Tag Inlay

Sky Library Express uses gloss polyester labels for long RFID label life and the label can have Library information such as name, logos, etc., printed on it during manufacturing.  For CD and DVD cataloging SkyRFID provides a circular disk label with a gloss polyester finish.

For organizations that want to move to the current state of the art technology and use PC/SC and CCID compliant for both ISO 14443A and ISO 18092 devices for NFC smart payments, or be able to swap out any reader without changing any programs or setups we provide the latest NFC 13.56 Reader Writers.

 SkyRFID PC SC NF 13.56 MHz Reader Writer


 SkyRFID supplies this library system in a variety of 13.56 ISO protocols designed to suit a variety of budgets and user needs.  ISO 14443A, ISO 15693 and ISO 18000-3 standards are available for both the readers and labels used in the system.
The Sky Library Express solution is available as a complete turnkey solution including Touch Screen Stations, SQL server, Door Gates or Portals, Software, Training, Implementation Service and Support. 
For your implementation please contact SkyRFID to obtain local area information.


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