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RFID 134.2 kHz. Low Frequency Readers

SkyRFID supplies a wide variety of 134.2 Low Frequency Readers.  We are just in the process of updating this web page and more readers will be displayed very shortly.

Handheld Bluetooth Readers

RFID 134.2 kHz. Bluetooth Reader

RFID 134 Bluetooth Reader

Frequency: 134.2 kHz.

IC Read Type: Texas Instrument ISO 11784/11785 

Read Distance: >7 cm 

Communication: Bluetooth Class Two >10 m

Power: 3.7 VDC ~ 4.2 VdC

Charger: Adapter included for AC and USB charging

Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 65°C

Storage Temperature: -25°C ~ 85°C

Size: 82 mm x 52.3 mm x 25.8 mm  Weight: 98 g   Request Information


RFID 134.2 kHz. Compact Flash Readers

RFID 134.2 kHz Compact Flash Reader

SkyRFID 117 1342 CF cardFrequency: 134.2 kHz AM-PSK

CF Card Type 1

Data Structure: STX, DATA, CR, LF

 Read Distance: 2 - 5 cm

Power: From PDA CF connection

Operating Temperature: -10°C ~ 60°C

Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 65°C

Size: 69 mm x 55 mm x 9.6 mm with cover  Weight: 25g  Request Information


Handheld Industrial Readers

RFID 134.2 kHz. Industrial Reader - IP 65 Rating

RFID 134 Hand Held Industrial Reader

Frequency: 134.2 kHz.

IC Read Type: Read Only or Read Write ISO 11784/11785 RF/32 

Read Distance: >10 cm 

Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE .NET 5.0

Processor: Intel PXA270 Xscale 624 MHz.

Power: 7.2 VDC using NIMH extended capacity 2500 mAh rechargeable battery 

Operating Temperature: -20°C ~ 50°C

Storage Temperature: -25°C ~ 70°C

Dimensions: 250 mm X 78.0 mm x 46.5 mm  Weight: 0.915 K with battery Request Information

This rugged unit has all kinds of industrial and regulatory certifications and comes with both 802.11 b/g and Bluetooth technology plus a host of different options for customization of case colors, keypad options,charging options, GPS and GPRS GSMToo many features and options to list on this web page.   



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Low Frequency (LF) 134.2 kHz. Readers

134.2 kHz. Handheld Readers, 134.2 kHz. Bluetooth Readers

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