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RFID Tag Types and Specifications

The following specifications and pictures are just a sample of the RFID tags/transponders that we currently have available.  Please refer to the RFID Chip IC (Integrated Circuit) chart for the actual chip sets that we can use in these tags. Today you can have an RFID tag that uses the same form factor for multiple frequencies or contains multiple IC's using different frequencies for multiple applications.

We also carry a complete 433 MHz. line of tags and readers should you want to implement a 433 MHz. tag solution.  If you need 433 MHz. hardware now, please Contact Us for more information.

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Just a few of our RFID Tags by Frequency 

If you don't see what you are looking for here or on our application specific tag pages - Inquire Here

We also supply custom boutique tags to fit your requirements

For Application Specific tags click on the links below or simply scroll down to see other interesting types of tags that we supply.


Access Tags, Active Tags, Animal Tags, Asset Tags, DVD/CD Tags, Credit Card Tags, Dual and Triple Frequency Credit Card Tags, Event Tags, Garment Tags, Harsh Environment Tags,  High Pressure Tags, Item Tags, Jewellery Tags, Keyfob Tags, Laundry Tags, Marathon Tags, Mount on Metal Tags, Pallet Tags, Triple Frequency Credit Card Tags, Windshield Tags - and Other Tags -  Screw Tags , PVC Disk Tags , Clear Disk Tags HF Labels and Flexible Tags , Hard Tags, UHF Labels and Flexible Tags, Puck Tags , Medical and Patient Wrist Bands, Documents and Certificates directly below on this page.

Read Distances for Tags - Click Here!




LF Screw Tags

Screw Tags 72.jpg


For use in wooden or plastic products, PCB boards and more

Great for applications that need temporary monitoring - QA, WIP, Testing, etc.


Size - 6, 8, 10, 12 mm dia 20 mm screw shaft length

Slotted or hex head

Color - powder blue or black

Temperature Range - 20°C ~ + 60°C



LF & HF PCV Disk Tags

PVC Disk Tags


PVC glossy or matt

Printing - offset, silk screen and personalization

Inkjet numbering also available 

7 different sizes

Size - OD 13, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 mm

3 g to 5 g depending on size

Temperature Range - 10°C ~ + 50°C



LF & HF Clear Disk Tags

Clarity Tag


PVC Clear or PET

7 different sizes

Size - OD 13, 15, 18, 20, 25, 27, 30

OD 0.6 mm thickness

Temperature Range - 10°C ~ + 50°C 



LF & HF ABS Disk Tags

ABS Disc Tags


11 different sizes

17 ~ 50 mm

With or without hole depending on size

Color - white or black

Weight - 3 g to 12 g

Temperature Range - 10°C ~ + 50°C 


HF labels and Thin Flexible Tags

HF labels


Paper tags with paper, PET or PVC top sheet, white or pre-printed

Inlays - transponder on PET substrate, with or without adhesive side

Adhesive labels (0.55mm) singular or in rolls

PET transparent card 0.55mm thickness

Shapes and sizes dependant of IC (generally rectangular in shape)

Temperature Range - 25°C ~ + 50°C

Storage life 12 months



HF/UHF ABS Hard tags  (Gen2 EPCglobal)

Metal Tags 72



Size - 110 x 23 x 5.1 mm - 2 mounting holes

Size - 138 x 30 x 5.1mm - 2 mounting holes

Size - 148 x 25 x 4 mm - adhesive back for mountingABS Hard Tag

Silkscreen printing available for logos and graphics

Temperature Range - 25°C ~ + 80°C 



HF/UHF Medical Wrist Bands and Straps  (Gen2)

Patient straps


Patient Wrist Strap - 293 mm

Medical Strap - 123 mm

PVC or paper

Skin friendly suitable for medical environments

Printing - offset and silks screen

Temperature Range - 10°C ~ + 50°C 



UHF labels and Thin Flexible Tags  (Gen2 EPCglobal)

UHF labels


Paper tags with paper, PET or PVC top sheet, white or pre-printed

Inlays - transponder on PET substrate, with or without adhesive side

Adhesive labels (0.55 ~ 0.75 mm thickness) singular or in rolls

PET transparent card 0.70mm thickness

Temperature Range - 25°C ~ + 50°C 

Storage life 12 months  


LF, HF, UHF Pucks  (Gen2 EPCglobal)

UHF Pucks

Engineered epoxy

Water proof

Withstand extreme temperature

Harsh environments

Temperature Range - 40°C ~ +200°C



UHF Authenticated Documents or Certificates (Gen2 EPCglobal)

RFID Certificates


UHF tag embedded in printed document prevents counterfeiting of certificate or document

Multiple sizes available

Preprinted or blank for future printing

Minimum Order Quantities

For more information about our tag lines fill in the form below 

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