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RFID Tag Inquiry

Fill in the form below to inquire about any of our RFID tags whether you see them on our web pages or not as there are new tags coming on the market all the time and we simply may not have had the time to put the tag that you want on our web pages.

RFID Tag Inquiry Form

Company Name

First Name*

Last Name*

Telephone Number*


Email Address*

Tag information requirements

Please try to provide as much information as possible so we can better assist you.

Tag Type

Passive Semi- active Active

Tag Frequency

Tag Generic Usage Type

Tag Read Distance

Attach Tag to:

Harsh or Unusual Environment

Yes No

If "Yes" to above please describe in detail

Tag quantity required

When needed?

* Required

Country is required to ensure compliance with any patent or frequency issues

Please enter the phrase above

Once you have completed the form and pressed the SUBMIT button you will be re-directed to our Home Page.

All inquiries will be answered within two business days if possible.  We look forwards to helping you solve your problems, quickly and cost effectively.



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