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RFID Portals and Pylons


When you don't want to "monkey" around: Use our Impinj Speedway XPortal  RFID Portals and RFID Pylons for your Entrance and Exit Coverage

Lowest Deployment Cost 

SkyRFID Impinj Portal New W.jpg 

  Easy to Use - Unmatched Performance

Compact form factor - 77.5 x 22.2 x 5 cm (30.5 x 8.75 x 2 in)

Don't waste your time monkeying around, order the industries best portals for your application  today

Used as a single unit or in pairs these Impinj XPortals provide unprecedented reading capabilities


SkyRFID Speedway Portal Beam W L.jpg    SkyRFID Impinj Antenna Technology.jpg     SkyRFID Speedway Portal Beam W R.jpg 

POE - Power over Ethernet!

VESA compliant mounting patterns

Light weight - easy to handle, Plug and Play

Powered by Impinj Speedway Revolution with patented AutoPilot technology to automatically optimize the reader for best performance

Monitors the environment for RF noise and interference and dynamically adjusts the configuration for peak performance 


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RFID Solutions for Entrance and Exit from Doors, Stores or Warehouse Portals

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