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RFID Item Tag RFID Label Tag


RFID Item (label)tags come in a very wide variety of sizes and in both HF and UHF Gen 2. 

We supply RFID labels in a roll or singularized depending on your needs. 

These labels can be pre-printed with your company logo and graphics on them in a paper, PET or PVC top sheet.

We can also supply the labels as bare inlays on a PET substrate with or without an adhesive side (Wet or Dry Inlays).  If you want a completely clear label that shows the inlay we can provide these also.

We can supply you with RFID labels or RFID item tags for books using HF 13.56 MHz. RFID tags or UHF Gen 2 EPCglobal 860~ 960 MHZ. depending on whether you purchased a standard library system that is 13.56 MHz. ISO 14443A or ISO 15693 compliant or you decided that you wanted a new Gen 2 solution.



RFID 13.56 MHz. Library Tag      RFID 13.56 MHz. Library Tag Inlay
This is one of our Gloss Polyester 13.56 Mhz. Library Tags - as it appears when mounted in the book and the actual inlay used
  Gloss Polyester provides a longer wearing more durable surface than plain paper 

We have a very wide selection of both HF and UHF item tags that allow you to label or tag everything from apparel, batteries, bottles, cosmetics, food products, mannequins, pharmaceuticals, tires, toys, cellphones, and more.

Most people are not aware that UHF can be both far field and near field - even the inlay can have both of these properties. Using a Gen 2 approach for all of your RFID needs means a single infrastructure with a global standard!  UHF Gen 2 item level tags can be smaller than the current HF tags (9mm dia) and provide a higher read rate that the HF tags. Near field UHF tags can also work attached directly to metal and submerged in water! Fact is UHF Gen 2 can be tailored for near field only, far field only or both!  This gives you the ultimate in flexibility and on a single global standard. If you are looking at putting in your first RFID installation contact us first to make sure that what you are doing is going to give you the best benefits and performance today and in future years!

Avery Dennison Pharmaceutical Inlay  AD UHF RFID Pharma Inlay             Avery Dennison Small Item Inlay AD 801 UHF Small Item Inlay

Regardless of what type of item you want to RFID tag, we can supply tags to you in many different standard sizes or you can have us design and manufacture a custom item tag specific to your unique application requirements.

RFID Label construction  RFID2 rolls of Labels

Our strategic alliances include the best inlay convertors in the business who have been specializing in tags and labels for many years and we can provide these services to you for your needs at a very attractive price.

For more information about our label and item tags fill in the form below and we will assist you in getting the tags you need for the right price.


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  High Frequency - HF 13.56 MHz. Item Tags, High Frequency 13.56 MHz. Labels
Ultra High Frequency - UHF 860 MHz. ~ 960 MHz. Item Tags
Ultra High Frequency - UHF 860 MHz. ~ 960 MHz. Item Labels
RFID Tags for apparel, batteries, cosmetics, tools, pharmaceuticals, computer equipment and more!

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