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RFID Harsh Environment Tag

We have numerous heavy duty metal mount tags that are designed to handle harsh environments and high temperatures. If you have a need for a high temperature tag that will be used in a very harsh environment then we probably carry it.


Glass Resin High Temperature Tag - 36 mm x 13 mm x 2.7 mm

SkyRFID 36 x 13 x 2.7 PCB High Temp Tag

Any application where a small form factor combined with the need to reach 200°C in temperatrue this is the tag you need.  The Glass resin tag is material insensitive so works equally well on metals and other materials.  This tag is also very resistant to chemical such as Hydrochloric Acid, Sulfuric acid and more. Read distance is 1.5 meters or more with SkyRFID hand held reader.

When using this small tag you have the Monza4 IC with 512 Bits of User Memory for your asset tracking needs.

Glass Resin High Temperature Tag - 95 mm x 25 mm x 3.5 mm 

SkyRFID 96 x 25 x 4 PCB Metal Mount Tag

 When you need a tag that can provide a 6+ meter or more read distance when attached to metal and is equally at home being attched to other non-metallic surfaces this is your tag.  Using a Monza4QT IC and giving you a 128 bit EPC with 512 Bits of User Memory loads for asset control and reaching 200°C anytime you need it to!

 Use the holes in the tag to mount the tag horizontal for a 3 meter read distance or mount it vertically to get over 6 meters!  Or simply use the attached Scotch tape 3M9495LE for quick and easy mounting!  Just make sure you know exactly where you want to mount this befoire removing the tape backing or you will have a really difficult time removing the tag.

Round Harsh Environment Tag Gen 2 UHF

RFID UHF Hole Metal Tag Coming in as the least expensive of our UHF Gen 2 high temperature harsh environment metal mount tags this 0.60 meter to 1 meter (2 - 3 feet) read distance can really handle the heat! With and operating temperature of -25°C ~ 90°C (-13°F~194°F) and storage temperatures of:

120°C (248°F) for 1000 hours, 160°C (230°F)  for 35 hours and going way up to 220°C (428°F) for periods of uo to 30 seconds this tag is perfect for many industrial manufacturing and processing applications.




1 x 1 (28 mm x 28 mm) Metal Mount Tag Gen 2 UHF

Mini Metal Mount Tag
 Our super small Mini Metal Mount tag (28 mm x 28 mm x 3.3 mm) is ideal for mounting in very small spaces where you need a good 3 ~ 4 Meter read range.  Because of the small size these tags do carry a premium price; but when you need a very small metal friendly RFID tag with a good read range these are excellent.

These tags can handle -40° through 150°C (334°F) in temperature making them a good choice for Asset Management, Gas Cylinder Tracking and more. Can be ordered with Scotch VHB mounting tape at no extra cost for quick, easy and very secure attachment - even to stainless steel and other metals. 


19 mm x 23 mm High Temperature High Pressure Mini Mount in Metal Tag Gen 2 UHF

Mini Mount in Metal Tag
This small tag (19 mm x 23mm x 4 mm including case) is specifically designed to be embedded in metal not attached to metal - this is perfect for Metal Mould management, or asset and product identification. 

With a temperature range of -40°C to 230°C (446°F) this tag is designed for the high temperature environments.

Tag has been pressure tested at 20,000 PSI with no defects.  We have not certified the tag for High Pressure however the tag is being extensively tested at 20,000 PSI   

Tag comes equipped with Scotch VHB adhesive backing that will withstand over 300°C and very high adhesive qualities when attached to any metals including stainless steels.

If you just mount the tag on metal it will work very well but the read distance is not optimized.

4 x 6 Metal Mount Harsh Environment Tag Gen 2 UHF

SkyRFID Extreme Environment Pallet Tag.jpgThis tag is a UHF 860~960 MHz tag with a 96 bit EPC ID. The IC is a Monza3 IC and uses a speical custom antenna You can have bar codes on it with or without human readables.  The tag is 4 inchex X 6 inches and is encapsulated with valeron.  This is designed for any application for harsh industrial environments where you have electrical noise and need a long read distance tag.

Orientation insenstive hang tag made for challenging environments, such as manufacturing, WIP tracking, Process Control.

Tag is resistant to liquids and metals making it perfect for harsh environments.

Read distance is over 10 meters when attached to metal.

Operates from -40°C through to +*5°C

Weight on this tag is 6.5 g



FR4 Harsh Environment Tag Gen 2 UHF 

High Temp Tag For slightly higher temperatures - 200°C (392°F) with an FR4 substrate material this tag is for harsher environments.  97 mm x 17 mm x 3.2 mm this tag has a read/write range of about 4  5 meters.  

This tag is also resistant to numerous chemicals including hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, alkali, alcohol, machine oil and more.  This tag is designed to be attached to electronic or electrical goods, metals, wood and plastic pallets, metal moulds and large equipment.

Extreme Harsh Environment Metal Mount Tag Gen 2 UHF 

UHF 525 Xtreme High TemperatureAnyone who has the ultimate in extreme harsh environments with repeated high temperatures need this tag!  With a top temperature of 204­°C (431°F), 96 Bits EPC ID and 2048 bits of user programmable memory this tag is the ultimate.  Measuring in at 128 mm x 52 mm x 11 mm and coming with its own set of mounting brackets at 27 mm x 27 mm this is the tag you want for repeated use over and over again.

Waterproof and dustproof to IP 68, Vibration rating IEC 68 -2 -27 test EA 30 G and ISO 18000-6B.  Resistant to all kinds of chemicals and works great in paint ovens this is a durable extreme environment tag.  



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