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RFID Garment Tag

SkyRFID supplies Disk type garment tags in Low Frequency, High Frequency and Gen 2 Ultra High Frequency.  Our newest Garment tag offerings are flexible Gen 2 tags.  While these tags are currently in short supply,please feel free to contact us regarding pricing and delivery if you have the need for this flexible Gen 2 long read range tag. 

RFID Low Frequency and High Frequency Disk Tags

SkyRFID offers a very wide selection of sizes for standard garment tags ranging from 10 mm through 30 mm.  Our garment tags can be serially etched on the outside or embossed with a  logo and graphics for a slight additional cost.

The garment tags are very light weight yet very durable and will handle the temperatures of a laundry facility over and over again without breaking down.  

RFID Garment Tag Collage

These tags are available in both LF and HF and can handle temperature ranges from -20°C to +85°C for operating or reading the tag.

Maximum tag temperature is +140°C for the Low Frequency Tag line and +220°C for the High Frequency Tag line.

For more information on these tags go to our RFID Laundry Tag web page




RFID Gen 2 UHF Tags

RFID Gen 2 Disk Tag

Smaller than a quarter and only slightly larger than a nickle is our newest UHF Gen 2 Garment Tag with better heat and cold management capabilities than the Low Frequency or High Frequency Disk tags.


900 UHF Disk Laundry Tag.jpgEPC Class 1 Gen 2 96 bits

Operating Temperature - 25°C ~ + 90°C ( -13°F ~ +194°F)

Storage Temperature - 25° ~ + 120°C for 1000 hours

Storage Temperature + 160°C for 35 hours

Storage Temperature + 220° C for 30 seconds



RFID Gen 2 Fabric Garment Tag

SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 Fabric Parachute Tag.jpg      SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 Blue Fabric Parachute Tag When you are looking for a flexible fabric tag that can manage repeated washings and ironing for items such as garments, military uniforms, protective gear and parachutes this is the tag you want.

Optomized for being sewn to the item, fully IP67 and can handle heat up to 130 C or 266 F this flexible fabric tag will last for years.


Standard the tag uses an NXP G2XM IC with a custom antenna to give it over 4 meters read distance with a fixed reader.  The G2XM IC has a 240 bit EPC, plus 512 bits of user memory and a 64 bit TID - perfect for large asset management solutions!

Our standard size is 80 mm x 25 mm but we can customize this fabric tag to your size needs and also apply colored stitched logos, etc for virtually any organizations needs.


RFID Gen 2 Flexible Tag

We are now introducing our third generation for flexible UHF Gen 2 garment tags that can be washed, dried, ironed repeatedly without any loss of transmission strength. 

These tags are made from a very special encapsulation material that is proprietary, super flexible and clear.

Our small garment tag is perfect for any garments, uniforms, flatware, towels, rags, clean room garments, and other fabric related clothing and items that need to be tracked and cleaned on a regular basis. 


Form factors and read ranges are:

43 mm X 17 mm X 2 mm (1.69” X .66” x 0.07”) - read range over 3 meters
    SkyRFID Higgs3 Silicone tag
    Higgs3 IC with copper wire antenna 
    103 mm X 17 mm X 2 mm (4.01” X .66” x 0.07”) - read range over 7 meters


    UHF H2 Long Garment Tag

      These garment tags are optimized and designed for inserting or being sewn into garments for retail and usage control.

      Tag is designed to handle repeated washing, drying, ironing, steaming and other normal laundry/cleaning operations. 

      Waterproof and dustproof sealed. Tested in water to a depth of 15 meters, 5 bar pressure 15 minutes

      10 000 bend stress test with compression of 230 N/mm2   (33,000 lbs/in2) 1 minute holding time - zero failure rate
      Heat test - cycling temperatures 336 cycles - 40°C ~ 90°C 60 minute cycles - zero failure rate
      Storage tested 180°C, 10 °C steps 1 hour each - zero failure rate Operating temperature - 25°C to + 80°C (-13°F to + 175°F)
      Tested with detergents and fabric softeners - zero failure rate
      Slight discoloration at 150°C of silicone - zero failure rate

      These tags are designed to last longer than the life of a garment.  Can be used in protective equipment (bullet proof vests, etc) so that when a person is entering an area where specific protective garments or equipment is required, they can be scanned and the reading of the tags will show whether or not the correct equipment is being worn.  Excellent for hazardous chemical spills, nuclear reactors, warfare zones, and other industrial type applications. 

      All read distances are using a Symbol XR400 at 30dBm and one Symbol AN400 antenna 


      For more information or to order these tags please fill in the form below



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