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RFID Event Management Tag

Event management these days is becoming much more involved than it was ten or twenty years ago.  There are so many different things to consider even for what would be considered a simple event. 

Parking, attendance, entrances, exits, timeframes, vouchers for free or already paid options and more.

While RFID Identification can't help on planning an event it can reduce a large portion of stress and potential issues such as:

  • Streamlining of entrance and exits with authentication and validation of tickets
  • Elimination of bottlenecks in key areas
  • Effective management of VIP’s
  • Assurance that everyone has left the event
  • Accuracy of prepaid packages and excluded or included options
  • Repeated usage of specific offerings
  • No tokens or cash necessary for additional features or events
  • Complete automated control and the capability to analyse the data later or in real time to maximize profitability

RFID 13.56 MHz. Library Tag

The most cost effective solution that we provide is paper or gloss polyester RFID tickets - these can be printed with logos, event information, serial numbers and more. 

SkyRFID can provide these types of tickets in HF - High Frequency or UHF - Ultra High Frequency - Gen 2 at very reasonable prices.

The tickets can look exactly like our library book tag except that both surfaces are paper or gloss polyester! 

Events that may require a heavier duty "Ticket" can be supplied in HF - High Frequency 13.56 MHz. or in UHF Gen 2 EPCGlobal.

RFID HF Wrist band    HF wrist bandHF Wrist Tag.jpg  
SkyRFID can also provide a very wide variety of High Frequency wristband watch tpye tags complete with sponsor or theme park logos.  These wristwatch type tags can also be electronic wallets so you can load up the watch tag and then spend the money loaded on the tag to obtain rides, food, souvenirs and more - all without cactually carrying any money, making is very safe for both Adults and Children ensuring nobody can steal their money while at the event.
Adjustable or one size fits all.  A wide variety of colors and IC's to fit your exact requirements.  These High Frequency Wrist bands can reduce stress and improve accuracy of your events quickly and be capable of lasting weeks or longer.  The more durable wrist tags can be reused multiple times without losing data.

 860 ~ 960 MHz UHF Gen 2 Adhesive Wristband Tag SKYTH3116

SkyRFID Single Use Event Wristband Tag

 If you are handling a concert, theme day, or any event with lines of people and where you want to ensure the wristband is not used again, this single use event wristband is the tag for you.

Stunning graphics and logos, our digital printing process ensures crisp details on even the most complex logos for maximum clarity.  Great for trade shows, amusement parks, events museums, zooos and more! Available in both HF 13.56 MHz and UHF Gen 2 860 ~ 960 MHz. 


 860 ~ 960 MHz UHF Gen 2 Silicone Wristband Tag SKYTH3101

When there is the need for an event identification tag that can be worn like a wristband but be waterproof and extremely durable but still be able to take it off sometimes - then the Sky Silicon Tag is the right wristband tag for you.
  This fully adjustable silione tag SKYT960H3101 is a UHF Gen 2 Silicone tag with a read range of over 1 m when wearing.  Makes it perfect for days at the beach and water events, concerts, theme parks cruise ships and much more.  Easly put on but difficult to accidentally remove, this tag can be made in different colors with and without sponsor logos.
Tested read range with the SKyRFID hand held reader is over 1 m when a person is wearing the wristband. One size fits all with its unqiue fastening system. 260 mm x 20 mm x 2 mm

860 ~ 960 MHz UHF GEN 2 ISO Card Size Event Tag SKYT960H3114

SkyRFID Lanyard Event Tag SKYT9603114

Designed for Theme Parks, Cruse Ships, Ski Parks and other locations where you need proper identification to use the facilities the Sky Lanyard Event tag will work for you.  
Slightly larger than a standard ISO Credit card tag these tags are durable enough to last many days when an outside venue needs the capabilities to identify all parties at that location.
This tag is an economical long term use tag with a medium read distance when attached to a lanyard.










860 ~ 960 UHF Gen 2 Access Event Tag SKYTH9603117

SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 ID Access Tag

 When you need a longer read distance for automated reading of a Lanyard tag this tag is what is needed.
128 mm x 75 mm x 1.09 mm thick this tag is super durable for long range read and long time usage.  Can be used as a corporate Identification badge tag or a longer read ranged event tag.









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