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RFID Credit Card Tags

RFID ISO Format Credit Card Tags and their similar Clamshell RFID Cards are used for many applications.  The credit card sized RFID Card tag can be easily stored in a wallet or purse while the clamshell RFID card is usually attached to a lanyard or reelspool so that you can "show" the card or "scan" the card for access controls.


SkyRFID-Credit-Card-Show          Credit-Card-Show


SkyRFID can supply these RFID cards in single or multiple frequencies depending on your unique requirements. All of these RFID cards can be "customized" to your exact requirements - colors, logos, numbering, magnetic stripes, and more. 

LF & HF ISO PVC Credit RFID Cards

Standard Credit Card sized RFID cards - 86 mm x 54 mm x 0.8 mm with a nominal weight of 5.8 g - slighly more for dual and triple frequency cards

ISO PVC Credit Cards

Higher security, multiple level access control capabilities 

PVC glossy or matt surfaces 

Up to CMYK full 4  color printing with offset, silkscreen and personalization, logos etc

Inkjet numbering, Serialization, punch hole for neck strap or clip 

Magnetic Stripe - available in short life (LoCo) 300 Oe low-coercivity, Mid life (MidCo) 2750 Oe and long life (HiCo) 4000 Oe high-coercivity. High-coercivity magstripes are harder to erase and therefore are appropriate for cards that are frequenctly used (debit cards, bank cards, credit cards) or cards that need to have a very long life. Mid-coercivity are for long life cards but not used multiple times a day, and low-coercivity cards are used for temporary cards with very low usage life.

Signature Stripe for signing is also available for our credit card selections,  Weight - 5.8 g

Temperature Range - 10°C ~ + 50°C 

Combination  Single, Dual or Triple Frequency RFID ISO Format Credit Cards  (Gen2 EPCglobal)

LF - 125 kHz or HF - 13.56 MHz or UHF - 860~960 MHz or any combination of these three frequencies!

RFID Dual Frequency ISO Card

LF/HF ISO format credit cards - EM, Hitag, T5557, Mifare's, ICODE'S, Legic, Ti, and many others      

HF/UHF ISO format credit cards - Gen 2 or HSL plus Mifare Classic or others

Printing with offset, silkscreen, numbering and personalization

Size - 86 x 54 x 1 mm, Temperature Range - 20°C ~ + 50°C  



ISO Format Type Three Frequency Card LF/HF/UHF ISO format credit cards - EM, Hitag, T5557, Mifare's, ICODE'S, Gen 2 or HSL and more

Offset printing, serialisation and numbering for cards

Cards - 86 x 54 x 1mm

Card tags with hole for strap - 86 x 54 x 1.8 mm

Mountable Hard Cards with 4 holes - 1 at each corner - 86 x 54 x 3 mm

Temperature Range - 25°C ~ + 60°C



LF & HF & UHF Clamshell RFID Cards  (Gen2 EPCglobal) 

Clamshell Clip 1.jpg

RFID LF, HF, UHF Clamshell CardsShell ABS cover PVC or all ABS

Offset printing, silkscreen, personalizing on the PVC, inkjet printing and logo on ABS shell

Multiple shell colors also available 

Size - 86 x 54 x 1.8 mm

Weight - 9g

Temperature Range - 20°C ~ + 50°C 



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