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RFID Consulting Services

SkyRFID is a is a leading provider of RFID hardware, solutions and technical consulting that is located in and near Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

SkyRFID provides RFID technical consulting services on-site, via web and via telephone for simple or fully detailed RFID consulting assignments.

Consulting services includes privacy consulting, new product designs for readers and tags, RFID feasibility studies, implementation assistance and more. 

SkyRFID also offers local assistance through its global highly trained integrators network for all RFID projects.

A Private Canadian Corporation with over thirty years extensive first hand experience providing automated data capture (ADC) solutions SkyRFID has considerable expertise in the tracking and tracing of assets, inventory and people. This expertise has been acquired through years of successful achievements in a variety of markets, including government, energy, healthcare, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, military, field service, manufacturing, supply chain and more.

RFID Privacy Consulting

As a direct result of our tough internal security and privacy standards, SkyRFID is very cognisant of the Canadian Federal RFID Privacy Guidelines, the Ontario RFID Privacy Guidelines plus many other privacy advocates Guidelines which is very important when designing and implementing RFID solutions.

Since all of our solution designs for the past twenty years have usually real time solutions, privacy became a very important part of the design.

How do you manage multiple offices using the same data sets?

Or the multitude of mobile devices that are constantly changing?

What do you do with your notebook computers and how do you provide effective policies that can be enforced.

Companies that need more information on the Ontario RFID Privacy or Canadian RFID Privacy Guidelines please RFID Privacy Contact Us and select "RFID Privacy" as the Inquiry Topic.

We have substantial indepth knowledge of these RFID Privacy Issues and Concerns from both the Office of the Privacy Commisioner of Canada and the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario plus a wide scope of understanding from many other provinces and countries throughout the globe.

Feel free to contact us for your RFID privacy consulting engagement.


RFID Additional Consulting Services

In addition to RFID Privacy Consulting SkyRFID Inc. can provide the following RFID consulting services for businesses that need assistance in determining their requirements for RFID. 

  • New product design  - Hardware - Sensors, Readers and Tags, Software, - complete solutions -  Read More

  • Feasibility studies for using RFID with Return on Investment (RFID ROI) calculations - Read MoreBusi.jpg

  • Business process re-engineering for flow improvements and error reduction - Read More

  • Vendor RFID Compliance and EPC standards for North America, Europe and Global - Read More

  • Hardware studies with costs and benefits analysis - Read More

  • On-site, web based, or telephone Q&A consulting - Read More

Learn from the RFID Consulting experts and realize the full potential of your business requirements for RFID Solutions. 

Here are some questions you may be asking yourself...

  • Should I be using Low Frequency RFID Solutions or should I jump right to the new Gen 2 EPCglobal Solution?
  • How much should I be looking at spending on the RFID Consulting part of the project?
  • Is Radio Frequency Identification the right technology to use?
  • Is our RFID Price correct before I buy RFID hardware or do I need to do more homework?
  • How long is it going to take to get my RFID Consulting project completed to where I now have an RFID Solution roadmap?
  • Should I be looking at other ADC technologies to minimize my risk?
  • How do I know what the right RFID Tag should be?
  • How do I know what the right RFID Reader should be?

The answers to these questions and many, many more can be answered if you contract your RFID Consulting project to SkyRFID before you actually start on the project.  Save your money and save your time, learn from the RFID experts and know what the RFID Cost will be before you Buy RFID hardware and receive your full benefits with Radio Frequency Identification.  We have successfully implemented solutions in North America, Latin America and Europe.  Some of our specialties are Access Management, Asset Management, Event Management, Fleet Maintenance, Manufacturing, Field Service, Supply Chain Management and Energy. 

New RFID or Sensor Product Design

  • Consulting on new hardware devices that may require functionality or capabilities that are not currently available
  • Detailed specifications for devices, sensors, tags and software to accomplish application
  • Sourcing and review of manufacturing potentials
  • Pricing of prototypes - multiple manufacturing options where feasible
  • Pricing of rollout production
  • Initial Alpha testing
  • Final pricing and feasibility to manufacture with ROI

Feasibility Studies for RFID

  • You may have determined that an RFID implementation could provide new savings and greater efficiency for your company.
  • While you may be looking at an LF of HF implementation, have you reviewed all of the RFID cost and also looked at Gen 2 EPCglobal as a more cost effective solution?
  • Many people are not aware of the benefits of these new global standards or how the Gen 2 can actually function for a company.

  • There are many myths that get debunked with the true capabilities of Gen 2.  RFID Contact Us to have one of our RFID consultants review your project and implementation plan or do a full feasibility study before you spend money on something that may not be justified or even necessary.  Let our experts determine your needs without any excessive hardware or implementation costs.
  • Our RFID Consultants will provide you with a detailed Return on Investment (RFID ROI) document after the feasibility study so you can determine if the RFID implementation will meet your needs and has the valued ROI that you are looking for.
RFID On-site Consulting

Business Process Re-engineering

  • With several decades of successful business process re-engineering using bar codes and wireless technologies, SkyRFID Consultants can save you time and money by using our  expertise to determine if the process(s) can be re-engineered, if it's feasible, what are the RFID costs, and RFID benefits and how to implement the RFID Solution, before you make the final decision.

  • Get what you need in the shortest and most cost effective manner.  RFID Contact Us today to book your appointment to use our expertise on process re-engineering and start saving money immediately not months from now.
RFID Vendor Compliance

Compliance in RFID

  • Dealing with a global marketplace or even just dealing with some of the larger local businesses may require vendor compliance in order to ship your goods to them.  You can re-invent the RFID compliance wheel and spend weeks figuring out what is needed and how to put it all together.  In the meantime you are losing time that could be devoted to your business.
  • Let our RFID Consultants meet with you and discuss your Vendor Compliance requirements for Wal-Mart, Sam's, DoD or others.  We can provide you with all of the necessary information, quickly and without error to make sure that you can move forwards to RFID Vendor compliance without problems and at minimum costs.

Hardware Studies

  • When there can be so many options to an RFID Solution, understanding the proper hardware requirements and making sure that you have the right readers, antenna and tags specified before you purchase and implement the solution can save you money right away.
  • Do you understand all of the different RFID frequencies and what that means to your application requirements 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz, 433 MHz, 865 ~ 868 MHz, 902 ~ 928 MHz, 952 ~ 954 Mhz, 2.40 ~ 2.45 GHz?
  • Having excellent read rates is the key to a good implementation but spending extra money on the readers and the tags just to ensure good read rates can be costly.
  • Let us review your requirements and make sure that the hardware is the right hardware for the application before you buy!

  • RFID Contact Us today to have us visit you and work with you on determining the right hardware before you spend your money.
RFID On-site Consulting

On-site, Web Based or Telephone Q&A Consulting

  • Within North America we can provide on-site consulting services to assist you in your RFID project, feasibility study, process re-engineering and more.  If you prefer faster and more economical consulting services we can provide you with real time web based text chat consulting, real time web based video consulting or just standard telephone Q&A consulting. Any way you need our assistance we are able to help make your RFID projects successful. RFID Contact Ustoday to ensure your RFID project is successful!
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