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RFID Tamper Evident and Destructible Tags

Many organizations and government bodies are becoming more aware of the benefits of RFID over Bar Codes and other forms of automated identification.

SkyRFID can provide numerousl different Gen 2 UHF RFID tags that are perfect for Tamper Evident and Destructible requirements.  


Tamper Evident One Time Use Seal

SkyRFID UHF 512 bit One Time Use Braided Seal Tag


Braided wire tag with 2 silver rings for crimping wire around containers, boxes, virtually anything that can be sealed using this 170 mm long NXP G2XM 512 bits of User Memory tag.  

With standard 96 bits EPC and 64 bit TID, this easy to attach tag must be cut to remove  thereby disabling tag.

 Read distance is up to 3 meters and the tag works well when attached to steel or other metals items.


Tamper Evident One Time Use Tag

RFID UHF Single Use Lock Tag

When you want to know if a package, trailer, container, evidence box, room, confiscated goods, virtually any item that you want 100% knowledge of any tampering, this is the tag to use.

SkyRFID one time seal Tamper Evident World Tag - 860 ~ 960 MHz and a 3 - 5 meter read distance (10 ~ 16 feet) is designed to be used once and only once.  After you insert the tag end into the gripper, the only way you can remove the tag is by breaking it.  This makes it perfect to be used after inspection of goods at border crossings.  This tag is 330 mm x 30 mm including a 205 mm tie strap (13" x 1.18" and 8" tie strap) with an area of 85 mm x 30 mm where you can place readable text or a bar code.  The tag also has an IP rating of 66 making it perfect for trailers and containers that sit in yards day upon day after customs inspections.  Now enforement personnel can use a SkyRFID portable hand held reader with WiFi or GSM/GPRS for online inventory management and 100% confidence that the tag has not been tampered with.

Tamper Evident One Time Use Steel Tag


Weighing in at 22 gm this UHF self locking tag is a heavyweight!  With a 235 mm (9 1/4 inch) long Steel Aircraft Cable to insert into the steel locking socket - you can not break this tag without cable cutters!

SkyRFID Container Tamper Evident Steel Wire TagW.jpg

Read distance of approximately 2 meters (6 feet) when attached this tag is not easily destroed making it safe for many applications such as sealing containers and trailers after they have been inspected by customs officials - or just sealing the containers or trailers for any reason. 






SkyRFID Container Tamper Evident Steel Wire Tag attachedLW.jpg





Once sealed the only way to get the tag off is to cut the thick steel cable making it a perfect fit for applications that need visible seals with RFID identification.



SkyRFID Tamper Evident Windshield Tag SKYT960H3088 - Super destructible tag!


This tag is optimized to provide wider read angles and also for metallic windshield on new vehicles

Tag material is extremely destructible  and notched in a specific pattern so when tampered with it comes off in tiny pieces.

Special high tack fast set adhesive is used so the tag set up time is in minutes not hours , plus UV protection for long life

Widely used in  Electronic Vehicle Identification for Vehicle Registration, Fuelling, Tolling, Border Crossing, Parking, Security, Fleet Management, Factory/Dealer Warranty Systems, Access Control and other vehicle applications

These tags can be produced with your own logo, with or without a bar code and up to 4 colors.

SkyRFID can do full Pantone colour matching for any logos, graphics or typfaces. Due to contrast needed for the bar code scanner all bar codes are black.

Digital printing for detailed logos and graphics.

All printing is subsurface which provides excellent resistance to solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion.  

Estensively tested for tamper evident capabilities.

Standard Size: 10 cm x 2.5 cm (4 in x 1 in)


Destructible Windshield Tag

Destructible Windshield TagWhen you want a tag that looks exactly like our high quality Standard Windshield Tag but you do not want the tag even used for another vehicle, then our Destructible Windshield Tag is what you need.  This tag is produced identically to our standard tag except that is has special slits in the inlay so that when someone tries to remove the tag it self destructs and can never be used again on another vehicle. 

These tags are produced with your own logo, with or without a bar code and your choice of up to 4 colors or spot color and four color process.

Standard colors include black, red, yellow, green and blue. Due to contrast needed for the bar code scanner all bar codes are black.

Digital printing for detailed logos or special designs.

All printing is subsurface which provides excellent resistance to solvents, caustics, acids and moderate abrasion.

Standard Size: 10 cm x 2.5 cm (4 in x 1 in)

Disposable Windshield Tag

Disposable Windshield TagSometimes there is a need for access control and enforcement but only for a very short timeEvent parking management, Toll highway management, simply anywhere you may need additional security and controls SkyRFID has our new short term disposable windshield tag. 

Coming with black human readable and a preprogrammed RFID UHF inlay this tag is designed to be placed on the outside of the windshield. 

Trying to take this tag off destroys the tag as it is very simply constructed and only designed to last for a matter of a few days.  Priced just right so it will not cause your security budget to get strained. 

Also available in a number of different inlays to match the read distance that you require including additional memory and Higgs3 inlays. 

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