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RFID Vehicle and Parking Management

Parking downtown, municipal parking, parking enforcement, college parking, airport parking - they all need automated RFID Parking Systems.

Parking lot management is far more involved than it was a few years ago.  There is so much more information both public and private lots need to know - now - when they want it - when they need it - not later after the fact. 

Municipal parking, downtown parking, large corporation parking, airport parking, university and college parking, ocean shipping parking, amusement parks, resorts, gated communities, and other parking lots all need up to date information in order to manage the facilities.  In addition most of these facilities also have service and delivery vehicles constantly needing access to these  lots for a short period of time.  How many spaces are left open?  How long are they in the space?

Parking Lot Access KeypadB.jpgMany of these parking lots provide access via a keypad and the patron or employee or student drives up so they are close to the keypad and punches a 4 digit number in and if accepted the gate goes up.  If the digits were not accepted until a parking lot attendant can come and manage the problem, the vehicle is now blocking others from accessing the lot.

The keypad is simple to use but if you try to block a person from accessing the parking lot it becomes difficult - there are only so many numbers that you can assign and what if the need is only temporary - the administration becomes a nightmare and you can have unauthorized vehicles accessing the parking lot on a regular basis.

Sometimes the lot has a keypad and the vehicle owners obtain a paper ticket Keypad Gate with ticket opening.jpgand place the paper ticket on the front of the dashboard of their vehicle so the parking enforcement officers can visually see if the vehicle is authorized for the lot and how long has the vehicle been there? 

Parking Lot Direction Enforcer

Manual mathematics - tedious and time consuming.

Sometimes you have vehicles that want to sneak in and then you need a method to stop this from happening -  A number of lots use Direction Enforcers to reduce violations, but sometimes innocent drivers accidently cut up their tires!  


Fortunately there are affordable ways to get what is needed!

RFID Parking Management by the Sea



Whether your parking lot is by the sea 


   or above the clouds  RFID Parking Management Above the Clouds


The Sky has you covered!

SkyRFID Vehicle and Parking Management

Radio Frequency Identification provides excellent results for EVR (Electronic Vehicle Identification) or AVI (Automated Vehicle Identification) and can be implemented as a passive or active RFID system depending on the needs of the end user.

SkyRFID provides both Active and Passive RFID solutions to manage your EVR and AVI needs from single parking lot or gated community access to country wide identification.

Short range (3 – 20 meters) passive UHF solutions supplied by SkyRFID are used for vehicle access control, fuel dispensing, border crossing identification, vehicle asset management, fleet management, and more.  Since most vehicles are primarily made of metal and glass, line of sight is needed to read a passive vehicle tag which is usually affixed to the vehicle windshield or hung from the vehicle rear view mirror. Virtually any need to accurately monitor identification of a vehicle within a short range, and at up to speeds of 150+ Km per hour, SkyRFID Gen 2 passive tag solutions provide an excellent ROI (Return On Investment).

When longer ranges (20 – over 500 meters) are required or high speed vehicle identification (200+ kph) from any angle, long range vehicle seeking, vehicle identification while airborne, real time monitoring of vehicles, personnel and other assets, SkyRFID 433 MHz active tag passive reader is the solution to deploy.

These Passive and Active solutions offered by SkyRFID provide high levels of security and control when correctly deployed.

If very high security, multi level access security, constant vehicle monitoring, long range vehicle seeking, or flammable area monitoring is a requirement then SkyRFID 433 MHz active tag passive reader solution should be deployed.  


UHF Passive RFID EPC Gen2 Solution

When security is required for vehicles entering a facility to ensure the vehicle is properly authorized, SkyRFID UHF Integrated Fixed Readers can be deployed at each entrance and exit of the facility to identify all vehicles entering and exiting the area. The SkyRFID Midrange Integrated Reader is weatherproof (IP 65) and successfully used throughout the world in almost every climatic condition. 

SkyRFID UHF Integrated Fixed Readers provide a 12 meter or longer read distance depending on the reader frequency, power setting and the actual physical environment when used with SkyRFID Windshield tags. The RFID readers require a 12 volt power supply to operate properly and come complete with an AC to DC convertor to plug the reader directly into an AC power socket. 

The SkyRFID Midrange Integrated Reader can house either an 8 dBi Linear Polarized Antenna (Vertical or Horizontal), or an 8 dBi Circular Polarized Antenna depending on tag read requirements.

SkyRFID_Mid_Range_UHF_Gen_2_Integrated_Reader_Front_W.jpg        SkyRFID_Mid_Range_UHF_Gen_2_Integrated_Reader_Back_W.jpg

SkyRFID UHF Gen 2 Midrange Integrated Reader

In addition, the readers can be battery powered when used with solar panels in areas where there is not power supply or the power supply can fluctuate or have outages on a regular basis.  Using solar panels to power Gen 2 RFID readers has been in use for more than 3 years and proves to be a cost effective solution for many implementations.

Since 12 meters may be too short of a read distance or on occasion too long of a read distance SkyRFID also supplies a Short Range Integrated Reader and a Long Range Integrated Reader to meet whatever passive UHF Gen 2 tag read distances are required.

SkyRFID UHF Passive Windshield tags are affixed to the driver side of the windshield on the inside facing the driver.  Depending on the application needs a standard, destructible or Tamper Evident Destructible  SkyRFID windshield tag can be utilized.  SkyRFID windshield tags come in two read zone types, one for narrow or single lane applications which uses a specialzed Monza4 inlay tag and one for wider reading zones on both the horizontal and vertical planes - our specially tuned Higgs3 G inlay.  Both of these tags are approximately 100 mm x 25 mm or 4” X 1” in size making them perfect for inside windshield mounting applications. SkyRFID can supply windshield tags in a variety of other form factors to suit your exact needs.

Once affixed these tags are difficult to remove and you can have an option of special slits in the tag at various intervals to make the tag more destructible when removing it.


SkyRFID Standard Windshield Tag

SkyRFID Windshield tag W.jpg        SKYRFID_UHF_GEN_2_Tamper_Evident_Destructible_Windshield_G_Tag_Back_W.jpg

Front                                                                         Back

SkyRFID windshield tags can be produced with your own logo, with or without a bar code and your choice of up to 4 colors or spot color and four color processes.  Standard colors include black, red, yellow, green and blue. Due to contrast needed for the bar code scanner all bar codes are black.  SkyRFID uses digital printing for detailed logos or special designs.  All printing is done subsurface which provides excellent resistance to solvents, caustics, acids and abrasion while allowing the colors to remain vibrant for a long time even in the hot sun.


When additional security and an absolute need for destruction of the RFID tag if anyone tries to remove it from the windshield, SkyRFID provides a very special Tamper Evident Tag that breaks apart into tiny pieces when you try to remove the tag from a windshield. In addition these Tamper Evident tags contain unique unalterable serial numbers and use SkyRFID’s special encoding and security protection. It is impossible to duplicate the tag content which ensures 100% accuracy the vehicle entering the facility is authorized. This special encoding and security is only available from SkyRFID and uses SkyRFID OEM readers to provide this high level of security.

SkyRFID Temper Evident Destructible Windshield Tags can not be removed without destroying the tag into many pieces.

SkyRFID Tamper Evident Destructible Windshield Tag

 SKYRFID_UHF_GEN_2_Tamper_Evident_Destructible_Windshield_G_Tag_W.jpg         SKYRFID_UHF_GEN_2_Tamper_Evident_Destructible_Windshield_G_Tag_Back_W.jpg

Front                                                                         Back

SkyRFID Tamper Evident Windshield Tags are available in 1 color printing and with or without bar codes and logos as depicted above.

If there is a need for registered printing on both sides of either our Standard Windshield tags or our Tamper Evident Windshield Tags this can be produced for a slight price increase due to the registration processes for front and back simultaneously.

If using permanent adhesive tags is not something that you need, SkyRFID supplies a Rear View Mirror Hang Tag that will also read close to 12 meters (40 feet).  SkyRFID hang tags can be up to 4 color printing, on both front and back and could be used as an advertising media since they will be in plain sight at the parking facility. 

These tags come in 2 sizes – small – 8.89 cm x 8.89 cm (3” x 3”) or large – 8.90 cm x 16.51 cm (3” x 6”)

SkyRFID_UHF_Gen_2_RearView_Mirror_Hang_Tag_Small_W.jpg      SkyRFID_UHF_Gen_2_RearView_Mirror_Hang_Tag_Large_W.jpg

Small Hang Tag             Large Hang Tag


In some cases the RFID reader may need to be operating 24 hours a day.  While the readers are designed to operate continuously there are many situations where the reader only needs to operate on demand when needed, especially in public areas where passersby may enter the tag read zone of a fixed RFID reader. Only operating when needed prolongs the life of the RFID reader substantially.

To make sure that the reader operates only when needed and shuts down when not required ground loops can be used.  A loop detector is then attached to the ground loops and the reader so that when a vehicle is sensed by the ground loops the RFID reader turns on and reads the tag. 


    SkyRFID Loop Detector Controller W.jpg                                    SkyRFID Wiring Harness for Loop Detector.jpg                                SkyRFID Preformed Loop.jpg

Loop Detector                                                          Wiring Harness                                                              Preformed Ground Loop

If the tag read is authorized for the facility the gate will then be opened.  If the tag is not read or not authorized the gate will not be opened.  Once the vehicle tag is authorized and the vehicle proceeds through the opened gate the next ground loop will sense the departure out of the gate area and automatically close the gate preventing other vehicles from entering behind the authorized vehicle.



Ground Loop Triggering RFID Reader for Gate Access

Depending on the access requirements the gate can be controlled by a relay that is triggered after the tag is read and verified in a database of a computer or for full remote control with no computer. SkyRFID provides a customizable controller that contains all of the necessary access validation programs plus the capability to open and close the gate.

The SkyRFID gate controller can also send the data via GSM/GPRS to a central system on a predetermined basis, after every successful read, or the data can be collected remotely from the host computer when needed.  Using the SkyRFID remote gate controller provides for ease in management with remote updating of vehicle access tags, vehicle access rights and times.

Ground loops can also be deployed in areas where gates are not used but automatic reading of a vehicle RFID tag is needed.

Other options to trigger the fixed RFID reader are Infrared Sensors.  SkyRFID supplies several types of RFID sensors including explosion proof sensors.  However in many situations ground loops are preferable to sensors as infrared sensors can be accidently triggered and ground loops need vehicle weight to trigger a read.

SkyRFID Infrared Photocell with Hood.jpg                                SkyRFID Infrared Explosion Proof Cell.jpg

SkyRFID Infrared Sensors with Hood                   SkyRFID Explosion Proof Infrared Sensors


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High Velocity RFID Parking Access Management Solution

Sometimes there is a need for a longer distance read at a much higher velocity. 



Parking Managment Medium Gate.jpg     Parking Management Tractor Trailer Gate.jpg  
You need longer read distance for very large vehicles such as tractor trailers

Or if you simply want high speed entrance capability for highly secured areas

Then our 120 KPH or 75 MPH and 10 meters or 32.8 feet read distance solution is what you need!
Long Range Integrated Reader 

865 ~ 928 MHz , ISO 18000-6C, Circular Polarized Integrated Reader and Antenna

Global, batteryless, easy to install and implement using our standard low cost long distance destructible windshield tags Request Information

SkyRFID Windshield tag 

RS232, Digital I/O, Ethernet LAN and a connection for an additional antenna

Designed to withstand extreme weather with an IP65 rating

Simply the best!


  Municipal Parking, Parking Downtown, College parking, Parking Enforcement, Airport Parking, large corporation parking - whatever your parking lot size is we have the right sized solution!
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