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RFID Course - FREE!

Confused about RFID?


Confused about RFID?

RFID Course - RFID Basics

Learn the basics of Radio Frequency Identification in 6 easy Lessons

Take our Free Course in RFID and Uncover the Secrets


6 Days - 6 Lessons

Sent right to your email address!

Learn the secrets of RFID technology quickly and easily, right at your own computer and in minutes per day not hours! Dramatically improve your understanding and how you can apply your knowledge to your business needs! FREE!

Before you spend one cent of your companies hard earned money on RFID technology we invite you to take this RFID Tutorial - FREE!




Many people just simply do not realize the incredible value  of RFID technology when applied correctly to their business.  Most people really don't understand how it works, why it works and what the constraints are!  People don't even know there are many different types of RFID technology not just one! There are even Global standards for many applications!


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Radio Frequency Identification has been around for over 50 years!  It was first used in the Second World War as a method to identify friendly air planes. Now it can be used to identify any item that you can attach a tag to.

What is RFID?

How does RFID work?

Learn the differences between LF, HF, UHF and Microwave RFID Technologies.

What are the different components of an RFID tag/transponder?

What are the different types of Tags?

What are the benefits and limitations of each frequency?

What is EPC Generation 2 and is it applicable to my business application requirements?

How do I make sure that the tag will be read when I want it to be read?

These questions and many more will be answered in your 6 day 6 lessons RFID Tutorial.  This tutorial is essential for anyone who is contemplating implementing an RFID solution.  Remove the risk and learn the basics before you spend any money. You do not need to be a technical specialist or an engineer to participate in this course.  It is designed to give you a general understanding of RFID so that you are much more informed and can make better business decisions when it comes to looking at RFID solutions.

Years ago RFID was almost unknown and unused in the business world since there were no standards and all of the hardware was proprietary and very expensive.  Only pioneering businesses with futuristic visions actually took the first step and implemnented an RFID solution.

Today, most of the world is using standards so that you can buy different manufacturers hardware and it will work with other hardware.  The costs of the hardware has dropped dramatically where ten years ago a credit card tag cost over $ 65.00 US to now you can buy them for under $ 2.00 US and if you buy quantities of over 10,000 you can drop the price again to under $ 1.50 US. 

What's the catch?

There is no catch!  At the end of the 6 lessons you will have been provided with enough information for you to understand the basics of RFID technology and make the right decisions about your RFID needs.

We will of course be offering you the opportunity to learn more but then again, most of us like to learn more about something that is very beneficial and can improve our business efficiencies and bottom line profits.

So if you would like to take a 6 day free RFID course sent right to your email address then click on the button below and add your name and your email address to the growing list of participants who really want to learn RFID basics. We will not sell lease, load, trade or do anything else with your name and email address other than use it for our internal purposes only.  No fear of your email address going out into the internet for others to use. 


Register by Wednesday evening EST to start your courses on the following Monday.


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We at SkyRFID wish you the best in all of your business endeavours regardless of whether you take this RFID Free Tutorial or not!  Have a great day and we look forwards to you visiting our site again very soon!


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Free RFID Basic Course delivered right to your email address for 6 days 6 lessons!
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