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RFID Antenna UHF Near Field 902 MHz. ~ 928 MHz.

Many people do not realize that the UHF frequency can be used for both Far Field Passive Backscatter tags commonly known as "UHF Passive Tags"  and also as near Field Electromagnetic Inductance Coupling identical to the Low Frequency and High Frequency tag reading methods.

Even less known is that there are UHF passive tags available that are both Near Field and Far Field and that the exact same inlay can be Far Field Only or Near Field Only.  

Near Field tags do not have the large read distance that Far Field tags do.  In fact the Near Field read range is under 0.5  meter and usually under 50 cm or 1.6 feet read range, very much like the 13.56 MHz read distances. 

The main reason for the Near Field UHF tags is so companies can use a single 900 UHF Gen 2 system and just change the antenna to read the near field tags (usually at the POS).  Now instead if having UHF Gen 2 just out in the warehouse and using an AES system for retail control you can use one system - one solution for all your RFID needs.  This really simplifies your hardware, your labelling, and your infrastructure requirements.

Currently there are a number of Near Field and Far Field inlays that are very small as they are intended to be used on small objects not pallets and big cartons. Vials, bottles, packs, cartridges, small devices, CD's and DVD's, battery packs, lipstick and more.  Essentially the Near Field UHF tag can be used for any small item tagging with excellent results. 

Near field antennas generate a magnetic field identical to LF or HF technolgies and the Near Field inlay responds to the magnetic field based on the size of the inlay - so larger near field inlays provide longer read distances than the smaller inlays.  Single Near Field antennas such as the NRH flat panel below have many uses in production control - checking and verfication of tags on small items, checking tags on PCB boards, anywhere you need a small tag with a short read range and excellent read and write capabilities.  

When you need item level shelf control for small valuable iutems such as jewellery, the NCP Near Field antenna below is what you need.  This panel is actually 4 individual NRH antennas set together to provide logical locaiton cotnrol by the 4 individual antennas.  THis is very useful in high value asset controls so when tagged item is removed from the location there is an immediate rsponse that an item has been removed.  This antena is not a good fit for production purposes.

Why would you want to use 2 different RFID systems HF and UHF if you can use one and have the benefits of hardware interoperability!  You get the best of both worlds with one Gen 2 solution!

Some of the Near Field/Far Field inlays are the "Microdot", the  "Button",  the "Paperclip", the "Satellite", and the "Radar

These Near Field Inlays are displayed below in the approximate actual sizes:

RFID UHF Microdot Inlay    RFID UHF Button Inlay    RFID UHF Paperclip Inlay    RFID UHF Satellite Inlay    RFID UHF Radar Inlay.jpg

An excellent example of near and far field usage is our CD and DVD labels which use the Radar inlay.  If we use the Near Field inlay we have a read distance of about 50 cm.  However, for our new CD and DVD tracking system we use the Far Field inlay and have a great 1.2 Meter or 4 foot read distance! 

Below are 2 Near Field Antenna from MTI.  Please note the pictures are not studio pictures as these are newly released antenna!  For more information on these Near Field Antenna please use our UHF Antenna Information Request Form and select "Near Field" in the Other UHF Antenna section.

269508 NRH  902 ~ 928 MHz. Near Field Flat Panel Antenna

RFID UHF NF 180x180 Antenna Frequency: 902~928 MHz.

Type: Magnetic Flat Field Antenna

VSWR: 2.0:1

Maximum Input Power: 2 watt    Request Information Button

Size: 180 mm x 180 mm x 25.4 mm Weight: 0.8 kg Connector: N-type female



269508 NCP 902 ~ 928 MHz. Near Field Flat Panel Antenna

  RFID UHF NF 435x 289 Antenna

 Frequency: 902~928 MHz.

Type: Magnetic Flat Field Antenna

VSWR: 2.0:1

Maximum Input Power: 2 watt   Request Information Button

Size: 439 mm x 285 mm x 25 mm Weight: 1.5 kg Connector: N-type female



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